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eBook publishing and eBook conversion has now become an essential tool for self publishers. YPS Publishing can help authors focus on the most profitable opportunities for developing, distributing, and selling eBooks.

You can’t argue with the facts. eBooks, whether we like them or not, have shaken the foundations of the publishing industry. Self publishers can’t ignore how this change add a potentially lucrative income stream. eBook distribution has turned the tables by cutting out the middlemen wanting a piece of your profits! With eBooks, self publishers do not have the same struggle to compete with the big, mainstream publishers for bookshop shelf space.
The question for authors, therefore, is no longer Should I publish my book as an eBook? It’s How can I successfully publish an eBook?

At YPS Publishing, we work with you to design and publish your eBook to the highest possible standard. Our pre-production stages are exactly the same for an eBook as for printed books. Our in-house book designer does all cover designs and text layouts. You can pick and choose from the same extensive list of extra services that we offer for traditional publishing.

We also offer specialist eBook distribution uploading your eBook file to the major eBook retailers worldwide, we collate the sales and pass you the revenue on a monthly basis. YPS are commission free on all sales.

eBook Publishing in Brief

If you publish your eBook with YPS we will provide the following services: