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Why self publish with YPS?

YPS is a well-established, reputable company. Our staff have been providing a comprehensive range of services to leading publishers for more than thirty years. We now share our knowledge and experience with people who wish to publish their own books. We provide practical advice that will avoid the expensive pitfalls and mistakes which anyone new to publishing can easily make..

There are many companies offering self publishing and shared investment publishing, however with YPS:

No wonder people are choosing to self-publish with YPS!


We work in a market with a tarnished reputation. On a regular basis we hear horror stories from authors who have been deceived into making large payments for the publishing of their books. Claims of exorbitant marketing campaigns and sales forecasts are made, flattering authors with dreams of fame and fortune.

YPS strive hard to differentiate themselves from such companies. We do not make unrealistic claims about the sales you will achieve, we clearly point out all the pitfalls, indeed we have been known to talk authors out of self-publishing.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, and we want authors to self-publish with their eyes wide open.


A definition of self-publishing

For a book to be genuinely self-published, a name designated by the author as his/her publishing house must appear on the copyright page of the book as Publisher’ and the book’s ISBN must be registered by the ISBN Agency to that author as publisher.

Any company which publishes books under its own name or imprint cannot, by definition, claim to help authors to self-publish. True self-publishing gives authors much greater control over the production and dissemination of their books.

Source: Johnathon Clifford is an authority on self-publishing and vanity publishing and won the Daily Mirror Good Service Award’ in 2002 for his work in protecting the rights of Britain’s authors’.