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Self Publishing Company - Testimonials

Only Bounders Ride Motorcyles

Ken Mellor

Hello Duncan,
Two reasons for writing. First to welcome you back to the Northern Hemisphere and I hope you had a pleasant stay ‘down under’. The contrasts in the temperature must be amazing. Second, just to express my thanks for all the help and guidance to you and Clare for bringing my long-held ambition of the family history on 2-wheels to a reality. Orders are beginning to arrive and I have been promised reviews in two pinnacle vintage magazines. May I just finish by adding that I shall certainly ensure YPS receive my heartiest recommendation to anyone who may be looking for an answer to their self-publishing project.
Very sincerely,

York: Changing Face of the City

Sir Ron Cooke

Hello Duncan,
“I have been delighted by the excellent professional support that YPS were able to give us in developing, publishing, and promoting our project: throughout the process, they went out of their way to consult, advise and help, especially where there were some unusual and technical challenges.
I am looking forward to doing our next project with them.

Good Share Hunting

Peter Cartman

Hello Duncan,
It is a pleasure to let you know that I was absolutely delighted with York Publishing Services’ production of my book, Good Share Hunting. The finished product exceeded my expectations thanks to the wonderful team that you have gathered together. Consequently, it would be nigh impossible for me to suggest any improvements that could have been made because the whole process ran smoothly. My only comment therefore would be to advise you to look after your team! Cathi, Clare and Nerys were friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, talented, and professional. I do not use social media at all but if you think you could use the paragraph that follows as a testimonial, please do so. “Even though I had read the YPS Guide to Self-Publishing I must confess I was apprehensive about my first meeting in York, not knowing at all what sort of reception my manuscript would receive. But I needn’t have worried. I was welcomed and encouraged and had all my prepared questions answered. Cathi’s considerable personal skills created a very favourable impression that was complemented and consolidated by her professional skills and those of her colleagues. Therefore, the book production proceeded smoothly through the various stages that had been explained in the Guide.
The finished product exceeded my expectations and is a source of great satisfaction. I look forward to working with your talented team on my next book!
Kind regards

Sail the World

Alan Fisher

Hello Duncan,
I´m a long-standing volunteer with the Jubilee Sailing Trust, a charity which integrates able-bodied and disabled people by sailing on two tall ships. In 2012 one of the ships, the Lord Nelson, set off on a two-year circumnavigation. I sailed as part of the volunteer crew on the ship on four of the voyages, and last year I considered that the adventure needed recording before it was forgotten.
Having never compiled a book before, I approached one of your directors, Mr Dave Mercer, who also sailed on one of the voyages, to see if your company could assist. The long and short of it all is that I spent 12 months compiling the book with your director´s great assistance, and the book was produced in time for Christmas Sales in 2016. It is a fabulous 204 page book of extremely high quality, and I could not have done it without Dave Mercer´s help.
Best wishes

Ferndown’s Fallen

Ian R Dale

Hello Duncan,
After all the months of work, the book is finally published and the sales are progressing. It seems to have taken for ever, but the whole process has been realised in very quick time. I must express my appreciation for all the hard work done by your people. Clare has been tireless in her efforts to get the publication through on time. I know I gave you a tight dead-line, but we wanted to launch the book at our County Poppy Launch, which we achieved with a week to spare! The book has been very well received and many compliments on the quality of the book, the printing, and the covers.
Obviously as the Author, I was most anxious to see a good job done and I am delighted with the result.
Thank you to all at YPS

Cruise to the South Sea:
Round Cape Horn on the Queen Mary 2

Hugh Leggatt

Hello Duncan,
I was certainly pleased with the production of my book Cruise to the South Sea. Crucially, your business model for publishing is far more honest and fair than that of my first book, which I inadvertently signed over to someone else. Regarding the process itself, I know you produce several books at the same time, yet I was treated as if my book was the only one going through and I had your full attention. There was also commendable attention paid to the print quality, with the first run rejected and a second printing accomplished. I was very pleased with the result and have had many compliments on the look of the book, as well as its contents. It was also a pleasure dealing with your staff members.

The Pavlova Pact
Memoirs of the Body's Dance With the Mind

Tashika Cecchetti

Hello Duncan,
I just thought I would drop you a line as the professional finish of my book as been much admired. A colleague who self published with another company has been impressed and will swap to YPS for future work, I think.

The Pavlova Pact is not for the faint hearted, but it also gives a fascinating glimpse into life as an adolescent in a theatrical boarding school and as an adult in London in the swinging sixties

Sleepy The Magical Bear Series

D.M. Rivers.

York Publishing Services

This is my second book in the Sleepy The Magical Bear Series with YPS.
I had one or three questions at the start of the process for book 1. All questions were answered in such a friendly, clear and precise way that put my mind at rest at all times. The level of professionalism was beyond 10 out of 10 from start to finish.
As I already had peace of mind from the YPS service from book 1. The start to finish for Book 2 was like travelling on the Orient Express, and the best summary I can give is no need to shop around for the right Self Publishing Service. YPS gives the highest level of service, the quality of the product was perfection, and the price was spot on. YPS gives you the Peace Of Mind Factor worth its weight in gold in self publishing.

Ross-shire Football's Forgotten Pioneers - Thank You

Niall Harkiss


Thank you very much for the excellent job you have done with my book. When I first set out to write the book six years ago, I had always told myself that when it came time to publish it, I would do whatever was necessary to have it look as good as it possibly could be and thanks to the high quality and attention provided by yourselves, it has well and truly lived up to all my expectations.

If ever I was to recommend a company to handle the self publication of a friend's work, I would certainly recommend YPS. Thank you once again.

Chinese Save Brits - in Burma

94 year old Captain Gerald Fitzgerald.

Do not hang about! Contact dedicated Yorkshire earnestness and fair dealing, with individual staff of the highest quality. From day one, and meeting Cathi, I knew I was in the right hands. On to Clare and Paula, there was never a moment of doubt, the job was going to be a good one and enjoyable.
My recent 400 page, hard back, including several essential revisions, cost less than half the price of a previous smaller release, published by a ‘popular pirate’.
Such was the YPS charge, that I paid my own higher valuation, I treasure the service of the staff, and the friendship I received. MD Duncan makes a lovely coffee. YPS was recommended to me by my optician; his poet sister has her work published by them.

Music for a Long While

Francis Jackson - Alice Hamar

Music for a Long While

Finding York Publishing Services makes everything to do with producing and publishing a book straightforward - except writing it!
Duncan and his team provide a supportive wrap-around package for the author who, after all, is concentrating on creativity.
At YPS there is friendly advice for the hesitant novice, helpful and willing guidance and an answer to every question.
They even take over all aspects of production and distribution, and as much publicity as is needed – converting the author’s wishes and vision into reality with the professional knowledge and expertise that often exceeds expectation. Working with YPS is a great experience, heartily recommended.

Roamin' the Range Together

Pete Allen

Roamin' the Range Together

When I retired from work I decided that I wanted to do something to celebrate growing up in the local fishing community and my life-long love of that communities own Rugby League team, Hull FC. The printed word seemed the ideal medium but when I set out on the project, it was certainly a daunting task as at the time I probably had difficulty writing a shopping list! After two years work I had the makings of a book that I was pretty proud of and that I felt reflected my original aims, but then the problems started! I approached several organisations who claimed to be specialists in ‘Self Publishing´ and who offered ‘an all round service for aspiring authors´. However when I investigated further, I found that the whole process was costly, surrounded in mystique and in fact quite off putting for someone who had no insider knowledge of the business and just wanted to see his book in print. In desperation I searched the web and quite by chance discovered YPS.
I was attracted by their excellent website and particularly the brilliant ‘Guide to Self Publishing´ which immediately re-ignited my flagging enthusiasm. Then when I met the team, I realised that at last I had found an organisation that was as interested in making sure I got what I wanted, as they were in being paid. The overall service I was offered was first class and immediately swept away all the mystery and uncertainty that had caused me to question whether I would ever get to see my efforts in print. On top of that the quality of their design was better than any other I had found and the team were patient and understanding however naive some of my questions were. As a ‘first time self publisher´ I was overjoyed with the end product and the way that YPS only wanted paying after I had seen what I was getting, stuck to my deadlines and delivered a top quality product, on time, on budget and at an extremely competitive price.
When I tentatively started to investigate self publishing I discovered very quickly that in my opinion ‘There´s a lot of Sharks out there´. Duncan, Clare and the team at YPS offer a professional and friendly service, which has helped me realise my ‘dream´ and they did it at a price that was as competitive as any other I had found!

The Shed Go Marching On

Steve Gracie

The Shed Go Marching On

In Praise of YPS Ltd
It has now been almost six months since we first met and I feel it appropriate to let you know how appreciative I am for all your help.
When I first set out on the self-publishing route, I found it all very daunting. Having been rejected by a few publishers, self-publishing became the only option left to bring my work to the public. With that decision made and the finance sorted out, the search for a printer began. I obtained quotes from four sources and although not the cheapest, YPS Ltd was the most attractive. Your booklet- A guide to Self-Publishing is an easy to understand format and gave me a good indication of what the likely costs would be.
However, there was more good news for me. YPS could also provide Edit, Design and Layout, Proofreading Promoting Materials, Warehousing, Distribution and an Online Bookshop, effectively packing everything I was going to need in one place.
The visit to YPS to meet you and your staff and to see how YPS would work with me, clinched the deal. Since then you have guided me through the process and you have been very patient and understanding. With the lessons I learned with the first book, I look forward to working with you in the future when I hope to add at least another two books to the list.