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The YPD Bookshop now the York Bookshop


Save 35% immediately - The York Book Shop is commission free!


The vital link in the chain from your book to the market.


YPD Books screenshot Many bookshops, particularly major bookshop chains, are reluctant to deal with small and independent publishers. They also expect huge discounts! The minimum discount required is 35%, with Amazon taking a whopping 60%!

York Bookshop specialises in selling books directly from independent authors and small publishers. We display your book in our online bookshop, from where they can be ordered securely from anywhere in the world. You can also link the ‘buy buttons’ on your own website directly to our secure York Book Shop shopping cart.

We take care of the postage, packaging, credit card fees, stock control, payment processing and sales reporting.

Benefits of selling direct online with The York Book Shop

Our system is easy and straightforward. We hold stock of your books in our warehouse in York. We receive orders by mail, email, fax or phone, then speedily process and supply them to customers worldwide. We can also take pre-orders before your book is launched.

At the end of each subsequent month we send you the entire revenue from sales, along with a book sales report for the current month. When stock of your books gets low, you are sent an automatic reminder asking you to replenish stock.

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