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There are many publishing options now available to you. With the development of eBooks and eReaders, the opportunity to double your audience (readers preferring print and those preferring digital) is available. As such you may wish to release an eBook as a companion piece to your print release or you may decide just to publish as an eBook. Whatever you decide, YPS can help.

Printed books

Copy Edit Proof Read

Editing, design and page layout
Our publishing services include copy-editing, proofreading, page and cover design, page by page layout and printing proofs. If you decide to publish just as an eBook, you will still need to edit and design your book.

Printing and binding
We will advise you on the appropriate paper and cover materials, formats and binding styles. We use both digital and traditional print facilities and will advise you on which is best for you. It is very important to make your book look the same as those produced by mainstream publishers.

The York Book Shop – The York Book Shop
YPS has an internet bookshop,, where you can sell your books. Your customers can order your publications from YPS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. This service is now available to independent publishers who wish to distribute with YPS.

As you have an ISBN you are automatically listed on Amazon.

Print Distribution
Congratulations! Now your book is in print, you have shifted from being an author to a
publisher, and you have a product to sell. That will include receiving orders, packing and
shipping them and also keeping a ledger of payments due. It can be time consuming in
those early months and complex too, particularly if you have an international customer
YPS does have a comprehensive distribution service. We ship worldwide every day and
what we sell the book for you will receive in full.


Ebook Proof Read

ePublishing and eBook conversion has now become an essential tool for self publishers. YPS can help authors focus on the most profitable opportunities for developing, distributing, and selling eBooks.

Editing, design and page layout
You will still need to edit and design your book, even if you are just publishing as an eBook.

The York Book shop – The York Book Shop
Your customers can order your publications from YPS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. You can also sell your ebooks on

eBook Distribution
Your eBook will need its own ISBN number.
Uploading your files to various outlets and selling online can be difficult. YPS can do it all for you. We have accounts with the Amazon KDP, iTunes and Kobo and affiliates.