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What does it cost to self publish a book?

The costs of self-publishing with YPS are less than you might expect

We will provide an initial quotation based on your specification. If you need help deciding your specification, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Here’s an example of the costs for publishing of a novel of 70000 words.


The novel is 70000 words and the publisher wishes to print 250 copies. We estimate the book will have 250 pages in B Format (198mm deep by 126mm wide). Full colour cover with gloss laminated finish. Text pages to be printed black and white. Perfect bound paperback.

Edit and design costs

This includes all aspects of layout and design for both text and cover, from receipt of the manuscript to print-ready files. This is a one-off cost and would not need to be paid again when the book is reprinted.

Printing and binding costs

Printing and binding 500 copies. Total cost for publishing 500 copies - estimated at approx £2,350

Optional services

Distribution for first six months (subsequent six month periods are £150) - £275 + VAT

eBook costs

To convert the print-ready files to eBook format - £165
Uploading eBook files and setting up your publisher account with major online retailers like Amazon, Kobo etc so that both sales revenue and reports are sent direct to you - £150+ VAT